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Car Paint Protection Sydney – Enhance Lustre, Improve Longevity

 Sometimes a simple wash and wax just doesn’t cut it. If you want your car to look its best and extend the life of your paintwork, you need our car paint protection service. This service is designed with the car enthusiast in mind, and it involves a thorough wash, clean and detail before finishing up with a specialised paint finish instead of wax. This product will ensure long lasting protection and an extra smooth, glossy finish.

Paint protection works by forming a permanent bond on your factory paint work. This provides you with added resistance against the effects of debris, tar, UV rays, chemical spills, oxidization and bird droppings which can strip your paint and result in a dull finish. Your car will stay cleaner and shinier for much longer in between washes, and you can rest easy in the knowledge that it is fully protected when you leave it parked out in the sun or city streets all day.

Paint protection will also help rainwater to bead and sheet off the surface of your vehicle, which will also wash away any contaminants such as dirt, bird droppings, tar and other debris at the same time.

How is Paint Protection Different to Detailing?

 Detailing is designed to improve the appearance of your vehicle by removing scratches, rejuvenating plastics and interiors and providing temporary shine to your paint. But it is important to keep in mind that this does NOT protect your car paint long term, only Paint Protection can help in this regard.

Your car is likely one of the most valuable items you own, only second to a property. If you want to protect your vehicle and ensure that it maintains its maximum value, then paint protection is a wise investment. It should come as no surprise to find that the engine and paintwork are the two most valuable parts of your car. If you neglect the paintwork and allow it to become dull and damaged, this will significantly reduce the value of your vehicle and give it a shabby appearance. Respraying these panels can cost a small fortune, but this can easily be prevented simply by having paint protection applied at a fraction of the cost.

Best Products, Best Service

There are a range of paint protection products on the market, but they aren’t all made the same. At Drive By Car Design we believe that only the best will do, which is why all our products are Made in the USA or Australia and are sourced from leading manufacturers.

When you buy a car, sometimes the dealer will try to upsell you on paint protection at an exorbitant cost, and usually they don’t even take the time to apply a pre-treatment to ensure the best finish. We can achieve superior results at a price that won’t break the bank, and we’ll even come to your home or workplace to do it. Our expert technicians have a wealth of experience and knowledge, and nobody understands paint protection better than us. We take the time to thoroughly detail your car before applying paint protection, and we use a range of products including synthetic through to carnauba, Toughseal and more. By the time we are done, your car paintwork will be as good as new, and you can expect it to stay that way for quite some time.

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