We will come to you!

Drive by car wash

What locations do you serve?

We are proud to serve customers all over Sydney. We cover the Northern Beaches, North West, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, North, South West and South. We are a completely mobile service and our vans are fully equipped. We’ll come to you at home, work or anywhere else you might be.

How do I book a clean or detail?

Simply book online using our website or give us a call.

Can you visit me at work?

YES, absolutely! We are a mobile car wash and detailing service and our vans are fully equipped with all the equipment needed. We will visit your workplace and setup in an appropriate location to carry out a complete wash and detail on your car whilst you work.

Do you also perform washing and detailing works for boats, caravans, 4WD’s, trucks, utes etc?

Yes, we do. Give us a call today!

How often should I wash my car?

You should have your car washed at least every fortnight to keep it looking clean and protected. We know that your time is valuable, that’s why we come to you anytime, anywhere and do this for you.

What access do you need to perform your washing and detailing?

We are completely mobile and visit homes and businesses all around Sydney. All we need is access to enough space/off street parking. Everything else is supplied by us, our vans arrive fully stocked with high-end equipment and products.

I just bought a new car, is paint protection worth it?

If you want to protect your investment, it’s certainly worthwhile. Don’t be conned by dealers asking a small fortune for paint protection. Our mobile service is affordable and will protect your paint from chemicals, bird droppings, UV damage and much more. Without protection, your paint may become dull and damaged and this can be very expensive to repair. Our paint protection will last for about 10 months before we recommend another application. It will keep your car in tip-top condition and looking its best.

I’m selling my car soon, can you make it look better?

Absolutely, this is our specialty! We will carry out a pre-sale detail both inside and outside your vehicle. This not only covers the paintwork, we also pay attention to door rubbers, mats, dashboard and console, seats and carpet cleaning, wheels, headlight restoration, odour removal and much more. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the finished result, and it will add loads more value to the price of your car.


How do I figure out which detailing service I need?

We have an extensive range of detailing services to suit the needs and budget of every customer. We recommend that you consider the age of your vehicle and your desired outcome, then look at the inclusions under each detailing package. If you aren’t sure, we are more than happy to visit you and provide a professional recommendation.

What is a cut and polish?

A cut and polish is a deluxe service that makes use of a cutting compound/paste, which can remove fine scratches from your vehicle. It is ideal for cars which exhibit hazing or swirl marks. Once the cutting process is complete, we will polish your vehicle to restore shine and lustre and this will last for about 3 months.

I have an older car, should I bother with polishing and detailing?

The choice is up to you, but in most cases, we would recommend polishing and detailing. Washing alone will keep your car clean, but regular polishing and detailing will extend the life and value of your vehicle and will also make it more attractive to future buyers.

How is your odour removal different from competitors?

Many of our competitors simply spray a synthetic chemical in the cabin of your vehicle and leave it at that. The aroma is usually cheap smelling and will only last a matter of weeks. We use a complete odour removal system known as a Fresh Air Ozone Machine/Purifier. It will kill all bacteria and bad odours at the source, keeping you safe and healthy and ensuring your car always smells fresh.

Can you get rid of the swirls and scratches on my car?

Yes, we use sophisticated machinery and high-end products that enable us to remove most swirls and scratches.

What products do you use?

At Drive By Car Design we are passionate about quality, and we only use products from leading brands such as Autosmart as well as a range of Made in USA products to provide you with the best results. We never cut corners, and we test all products extensively on a wide range of vehicles to ensure they are suitable.

Should you wax after polishing?

You should always apply wax after polishing, as polishing merely enhances the shine of your vehicle but does not protect it. An application of wax will protect your paint for up to 3 months. It helps water to run off smoothly and adds an extra barrier against debris.