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Mobile Car Detailing Sydney – Breathe New Life into Your Vehicle

 Cars are susceptible to damage over time, and this can be due to a range of things such as minor car park bumps and scrapes, the effects of UV rays or even acts of vandalism. If you’re a car enthusiast that wants your car to look its best, or if you’re preparing for sale, it’s time for a detail and polish.

Drive By Car Wash provides a high quality and cost effective mobile car polishing service for Sydney. We will visit you at home or work, whether you live in the Northern Beaches, North West, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, North, South West or South and take care of all your detailing needs on the spot.

Our expert detailing technicians have more than ten years’ experience behind them, and they have access to the latest products and innovations from leading manufacturers to provide you with a superior detail. Our detail service starts from just $66, with detail and polish starting from just $155. We can carry out detailing for the interior and exterior of your vehicle to restore it close to the condition it was in when new.

Our car wash and detail polish service can include any/all of the following according to your requirements:

We’re just as happy to polish boats, utes, vans, caravans, trucks and 4WD’s, give us a call today!

  • High pressure rinse exterior, including wheel arches
  • Shampoo exterior, including wheels
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Gloss tyres & mudflaps
  • Deodorise interior
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Exterior plastics and rubbers glossed
  • Chrome polished
  • Interior car vacuum – carpet, seats & boot
  • Dashboard and console detailed & rejuvenated
  • Ash trays cleaned
  • Roof lining spot cleaned
  • Detergent exterior wash
  • Wheels cleaned
  • Seats and carpets shampooed
  • Interior door panels cleaned
  • Door rubbers treated
  • Door jambs cleaned
  • Mats detailed
  • Exterior car polish by hand or by machine
  • Hand wash and chamois dry
  • Leather seats cleaned & conditioned

When should I detail my car?

It’s a good idea to detail your car any time, especially if you are an enthusiast who cares about appearance on the streets. But there are a few very good reasons to have a detail and polish service done, such as during:

Pre-Sale – Whether you are a private seller or a dealer, it is important that the car you are selling is presented in the best possible way. Pre-sale detailing is a thorough process that includes cut + polish as well as high pressure spray, detergent wash of exterior + wheels, clay bar/cloth treatment to remove damaged paint and scratches, remove residue from buffing with microfiber cloth, polish with a fine to medium cut polish, remove protective masking tape, seal and protect newly exposed paint (optional extra), rejuvenate exterior rubber and vinyl trims, clean windows inside and out, blacken and gloss tyres. You wont believe your eyes when you see the finished result – your car will be close to as good as new and you will significantly enhance the market value.

Second Hand or Older Vehicles – Purchasing a second-hand vehicle is a great way to save money and enjoy economical motoring, but they often come with a few nicks, scrapes and a tired interior. We can rejuvenate these vehicles and breathe new life into them with our exterior and interior detailing service.

Protect your investment – Detailing and polishing will extend the life of your paintwork, as well as the plastics and trims used throughout your vehicle. In the long term, this will save you money and time by avoiding costly repairs and touch up jobs, not to mention it will also enhance the value of your vehicle.

Odour Removal and Headlights Restoration

 Many of our detail services also include odour removal and headlight restoration. We stand out from the competition thanks to our use of a revolutionary Fresh Air Ozone Machine, a system that will kill bacteria at the source. Whilst other detailers might just spray a perfumed chemical that only lasts a few hours, our technique will keep your car fresh and clean for the long term.

Our purifier takes care of all those ‘living odours’ found in vehicles, boats, caravans etc. It will completely eliminate the smell of smoke, mildew, body odour, harmful bacteria and allergens because it penetrates every nook and cranny of your vehicle including seats, carpets, roof and more. It does this by saturating the entire cabin with ozone to eliminate the source of bad odours. You may already know that the ozone is important for protecting earth from radiation, but we’ve harnessed the power of Ozone to protect YOU from harmful bacteria and nasty odours within your car.

Headlights restoration is another great service that we offer. Over time, headlights can take on a cloudy appearance due to condensation and age. We will apply specialised cleaning products to restore their appearance back to normal to enhance the look of your vehicle and improve the output of your headlights.

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Pesky scratches, swirls, and discoloured plastics/paint getting on your nerves? Call us now and we’ll breathe new life into your car. Our detailing service is fast, efficient and affordable and we’ll come to you at home or work.