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Drive by car wash

Rose Bay Carwash and Detailing

While driving, it’s nice to see the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. However, there’s nothing nice about your car gathering dust and dirt as you drive.

Slowly your car is being coated by something else. Whether it’s just sitting in the garage or you’re regularly using it for your work or business or taking your child to school, the regular exposure will surely make your car lose its lustre.

Rose Bay Carwash and detailing

Certainly you always remind yourself of taking your precious automobile to the car wash. But who has time for that? The little time you have after work should rather be spent on resting or planning your work or business.

To save you time and bring you convenience, our team here at Drive By Car Wash will bring all the necessary supplies and equipment so that we can wash your car whether you’re at home or at the workplace. Our premier mobile car wash and detailing services will make your automobile smelling fresh and looking at its best. It’s highly recommended that cars get cleaned once every 2 weeks. But who has time for that? And yes you might be having guests, trying to impress clients or there’s an upcoming event. Your car should then be washed as soon as possible and we will take care of that.

Aside from cars, our team also services boats, utes, caravans, trucks and 4WD vehicles. We only use the best tools and products when cleaning each detail. The goal is to make your car sparkling and pristine again like it just came from the showroom.

Rose Bay pre-sale detailing, car paint protection and more

Some of our customers want their cars to be looking at their best for prospective buyers. After all, a fresh-looking car will command a higher price. Also, you want the prospects to know that you’re taking good care of your car. Our premier pre-sale detailing can help you accomplish that.

We also understand that you want to maximise your automobile’s longevity and keep it looking awesome as long as possible. That’s why we also offer car paint protection services that go beyond making your car look shiny. This is also for protecting your car against the harsh elements whether you’re driving back and forth to the CBD or the Woollahra Golf Club. Other drivers and passengers will surely notice your car. And that’s a good opportunity to show that you’re really taking care of your vehicle.

Contact us today and we’ll bring ease and convenience to you when it comes to cleaning your car. We will bring all the supplies and equipment and find a suitable location to do our work. By the time you check again your car, everything’s been taken care of. Your car looks pristine again and it smells really fresh. Once again, your car will be best prepared to cruise the streets or let other people stare at its sparkling surface.